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VT x BTS L'atelier des Subtils perfume (Exp. Sept, 2024)

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VT x BTS L'ATELIER des SUBTILS perfume was Made in France collection created in collaboration with Frederic Burtin, founder of EXPERIS, a creative lab that creates perfumes and beauty products.

Frederic Burtin is a senior researcher at Guerlain and LVMH Research Center, and has a long history of expertise. Frederic Burtin and Create Lab EXPERIS are developing products and formulations of famous brands.

Eau d’Océan
The smell of the sea that comes from far away and the woody amber scent complete the freshness of the blue ocean. Experience the distinct scent of the blue ocean on a clear summer day.

Eau de Bois
The woody musk spicy fragrance that has a strong woody scent and the luxury musk scent of old paper present sensation of warmth that offers relaxation.

Eau de Poudre
The sweet vanilla base creates a cozy and powdery mood. It. will make you feel cozy and sweet as if you just finished taking a shower.

Eau de Citrus
The fizzy, citrus aromatic scent and the sexy, delicate white musk are combined to deliver you happiness and hope. Enjoy the pleasant afterglow from the fizzy and sweet scent.

Eau de Vert
The combination of the cedar woody scent and delicate woody powdery musk scent and delicate woody powdery musk scent presents strong freshness and coziness. Feel a strong sense of freshness, just like from a pleasant breeze during summer days.

Eau de Coton
The combination of rose, blackcurrant and violet delivers the cozy scent of cotton and the delicate smell of flowers at the same time. Fell the romantic mood, just like with your first love.

Eau de Musk
The harmony among the musky, woody and floral scents creates a profound and mysterious mood. Experience the soft, mysterious and attractive fragrance that you can discover behind a splendor outlook.